Marketing & Distribution


Indies Pharma Ja Ltd, today is recognized as a force to reckon with in the field of Pharmaceuticals marketing. The company offers a comprehensive package to its principal suppliers in the form of Intellectual Property support, Regulatory business, commissioning a team of Medical representatives to promote the brands.

Currently, the company has a team of team of aggresive field force serving very effectively all the customers throughout the Island in the form of ethical promotion of its drug brands.

Indies Pharma also plays a pivotal role in organizing seminars and symposia to the medical and pharmacist fraternities in the areas of Continuing Medical Education and Medical Ethics with an average of 30 to 40 events every year.

Association & Distribution

Indies Pharma Ja Ltd, currently distributes most products supplied under its Principal's brand names and in the process the company has engaged itself with approximately 27 reputed contract manufacturing pharmaceutical companies spanning from Bangladesh, India, Europe and USA. All the manufacturers of Indies Pharma are WHO cGMP certified plants while some are USFDA or UKMHRA or TGV Australia or MCCA South Africa or ANIVSA Brazil or INVIMA Colombia or CE and or HACCP certified.

With its association with a good number of manufacturers the company is willing to offer its services beyond delivery and distribution in the form of marketing to its principals brands. Its strong net work of dedicated and committed sales force spread across the Island complimenting the distribution activities along with its own fleet of Distribution Vehicles covering the entire Island from coast to coast is an invaluable asset that the Company offers to its Principals. The delivery fleet comprises of a team of very professional delivery staff along with well maintained, climate controlled and relatively brand new vehicles serving the customers throughout the Island.

The customers of Indies Pharma range from approximately 400 private sector retail pharmacies, Stocking Doctors, Public Sector Pharmacies and Clinics in addition to the Government Institutions. Indies Pharma boasts about delivering the goods to its customers in less than 24 to 48 hours from the receipt of the purchase orders not only through its most efficient delivery fleet but also by using the same day courier service at a cost to the company and at no added cost to its customers.